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Hotel Maria - Passion

A bit of history...

Hotel Maria was created in 1959 and, thanks to its strategic location between historic trails in Val di Fiemme, it has always been a major transit point for tourists. It has been renovated and enlarged several time. Ingrid and Sergio took over its management in 2000.
Ingrid was a mere 22 years old and had just finished her university studies. She didn’t even know how to make a cup of coffee! Out of the blue, she was offered an opportunity that would change her life: to manage a hotel all on her own! And, with barely a second thought, she agreed. Thus began an exciting adventure that is now called Hotel Maria.

Ingrid and Sergio touch the heart of every one of their guests

The first years were difficult; Sergio, with ten years’ experience at a well-known restaurant, arrived as chef and later became Ingrid’s husband.
Together, they manage Hotel Maria, seeking to touch the heart of every one of their guests.
Their children, Stefano and Ilaria, add to the charm, as they scamper through the reception area and tiptoe into the kitchen for a treat.


Hotel Maria - Passion
Hotel Maria - Passion

Little jobs for little guests

Ingrid and Sergio welcome their guests, surrounding them with a homey and tranquil spirit that is typical of this land in Val di Fiemme. Their aim is to offer everyone a unique experience in this lovely corner of Trentino. You won’t want to miss the pleasure of picking herbs in the vegetable plot and enjoying them later at meal time. Ingrid and Sergio involve their little guests in this “chore”. They see it as one way of making children feel at home, and perhaps have an experience they wouldn’t have in the big city. The relationship with food begins with the soil, watching plants grow, harvesting them and finally, enjoying their flavour. You can do that at Hotel Maria!